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Lansung was the Lord High Admiral of the Imperial Navy in 544.M32.[1]


A brilliant and infamous officer from Segmentum Solar, Lord High Admiral Lansung managed to build a cult of personality within the Navy and had a strong basis of support from the Imperial College of Fleet Strategy, which turned into his personal paramilitary youth force.[1] By the time of the War of the Beast, Lansung had positioned himself as the most powerful member of the Senatorum Imperialis. Scheming and corrupt, Lansung had alliances with several other High Lords including Master of the Administratum Tobris Ekharth, Lord Commander of the Imperium Udin Macht Udo, and Ecclesiarch Mesring. His primary opponents among the High Lords were Inquisitorial Representative Wienand, Lord Commander Militant of the Imperial Guard Heth, and Grand Master of Assassins Drakan Vangorich.[1a]

During the war, Lansung showed poor leadership, despite being anything but a coward[3a]. At the onset of the crisis on Ardamantua, he made clear that his priority was to preserve "his" Navy's assets, the better to assist his ascension to the position of Lord Commander, after Udo died or retired. Wienand and Vangorich attempted to maneuver around him, manipulating one of his supporters to "suggest" that the Navy send reinforcements to the Imperial Fists strike force; instead, Lansung wrong-footed them, inviting the remainder of the Chapter to travel to Ardamantua. In this way, he allowed the Imperial Fists to take the lead in the campaign, while keeping his own ships and crews out of action.[1x]

As the war progressed, he refused to move his ships to Segmentum Solar to aid in the fight against the Greenskins. Even after the Ecclesiarch Mesring was coerced by Vangorich into declaring a War of Faith that would presumably result in the Navy returning from the frontiers, Lansung instead gathered his fleet at the Glaucasian Gulf.[2]

Inquisitorial Representative Wienand eventually forced Lansung's hand, manipulating Admiral Acharya into attempting to relieve Port Sanctus from Ork attack. Not wishing to appear as if he could not control his own forces, a furious Lansung personally departed Terra and led the battle from his flagship Autocephalax Eternal. A nervous Lansung ultimately made the correct strategic decisions during the battle, bravely leading a suicidal charge of Imperial vessels that destroyed the Ork Attack Moon over Port Sanctus. Lansung quickly returned to Terra in triumph, but his victory parade was cut short when another Attack Moon manifested directly over the throneworld.[3b]

Following the arrival of the Ork moon over Terra, Lansung was disgraced and quickly fell from power on the Senatorum after all of his allies abandoned him. Replaced by the ascendant Speaker for the Chartist Captains Juskina Tull and Ecclesiarch Mesring, he refused to take part in the duo's disastrous Proletarian Crusade. Condemning their madness, Lansung descended into alcoholism and apathy.[4] When the fleet of the Last Wall under the command of Chapter Master Koorland returned to Terra and launched its attack against the Ork Moon, Lansung remained aboard the Autocephalax Eternal, refusing to commit any Naval forces to the attack, which deepened his disgrace.[5]

He later was among the first High Lords to support the Imperial Fists and Inquisition removing his former ally Udin Macht Udo from power.[6]

After Koorland led an expedition to Caldera to recover the lost Primarch Vulkan and later the invasion of Ullanor, Lansung was left in charge of Terra's defenses from the Autocephalax Eternal.[7][8] When Maximus Thane organized a new offensive on Ullanor following the death of Koorland, Drakan Vangorich was able to force both Lansung and his new ally Lord Commander Militant Verreault into contributing resources for the operation. This was achieved by staging an incident where his bodyguards began killing one another, as several were revealed to be Callidus Assassins. Faced with death or cooperation, Lansung and Verreault relented to Vangorich's demands.[9]

Later after the war, Lansung reluctantly accepted Maximus Thane as the new Lord Commander of the Imperium and even Vangorich as his second, the Lord Protector. In secret however he plotted with Verreault and Ekharth to have Vangorich killed. However the trio were too late and preempted by Vangorich, and in The Beheading Verreault was shot by Ekharth, who had been replaced with an impostor. Ekharth forced Lansung to reposition himself in front of Verreault's corpse before shooting him with a Laspistol. In the aftermath of their deaths, Vangorich declared that the two had killed each other due to a dispute over financial crimes they were committing. Vangorich replaced Lansung with his own puppet Lord High Admiral, Iryss Gelthor.[10]