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Larder World

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Larder Worlds are worlds that have been conquered by the Tyranids, but instead of being immediately consumed, they are instead continuously fed on by the Xenos' Bioships.[1]


Encountered in the Fourth Tyrannic War, by Solblade Drakht, Larder Worlds are almost completely covered in a membrane-like structure and vast quantities of non-Tyranid life are held in biostatsis beneath the structure. The Imperium's current information about them comes from the former Hive World Shakar, which Solblade Drakht noted had major Capillary Tower architecture was located at its north and south poles, as well as from the world's equator. Numerous bioships were also feeding off of Shakar, through suckling, but before the Solblade could discover more, the Tyranids became aware of their presence. This caused the Xenos to launch a massive counter-attack that left the Solblade no choice but to retreat and report what they had discovered.[1]

Known Larder Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Affiliation Population Notes
Shakar Segmentum Pacificus[1] Othlor System[1] Tyranids (Hive Fleet Leviathan)[1] Former Imperial Hive World[1]


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