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The lascannon (also known as laser cannon or blazooga)[10] is a formidable laser weapon, capable of piercing most vehicle armour and killing powerful and heavily armoured troops. However, its slow recharge and fire rate make it a poor anti-personnel weapon.


The primary difference between a lasgun and a lascannon is the size. While a lasgun is easily handled by a Guardsman, a lascannon is much larger, and therefore heavier, has restricted it to mounted or crew-served positions. Space Marines, with their gene-enhanced strength and power armour, can carry and shoulder-fire a lascannon with ease.[Needs Citation]

A lascannon's removable charge pack is only good for one shot. Lascannons not attached to external power supplies require a crew member to swap charge packs.[8]

They are very reliable as the technology has been perfected rather than scrounged from ancient STCs. As such, they are the preferred weapon type by many Imperial Commanders as, even though other weapons may have other advantages, the reliability of the weapon is most important on the battlefield.[Needs Citation]

Lascannons, due to their high strength and reliability, are often mounted on tanks. Here they are often twin-linked to improve their accuracy. Many tanks can have sponson or hull-mounted lascannons to provide them with a secondary weapon to their primary turret in case it is damaged. Lascannons are a common sight amongst the Imperial Guard, but less so in the ranks of the Space Marines, who typically rely more on melta-type weapons.[Needs Citation]

Known Lascannon Patterns

Known Non-Standard Types of Lascannons


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