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The Lasgun is an energy based weapon, and is the most common and widely used type of laser weapon in the Imperium. It is standard issue for all Imperial Guard infantry and most lower-ranked officers.



Lasguns are reliable, easy to maintain and produce, and are readily available on most Imperial worlds. They have longer range and higher ammunition capacity than a Laspistol (the laspistol power packs having roughly 80 shots before depletion, compared to roughly 150 shots for a lasgun),[4] but are nowhere near as powerful as a Lascannon. They also lack the rapid-fire quality of the Multi-laser or the Hellgun.

The lasgun uses the same basic technology and operates along the same lines as other laser weapons, emitting a beam of focused light. The high amount of energy in the beam causes the immediate surface area of a target to be vaporized in a small explosion[1]. It is a relatively unimpressive weapon when compared to other weapons in the Imperium, but is still capable of cleanly severing limbs or piercing the power armour of a Space Marine (but only through a vulnerable spot in the armour).[Needs Citation] Most designs have iron sights mounted along the top of the weapon.[Needs Citation] It is powered by a small, rechargeable power pack located beneath the weapon, in front of the trigger guard.[1]

Known Lasgun Patterns

M35 M-Galaxy Short Pattern

M35 Galaxy Lasgun components[5]

The M35 M-Galaxy Short pattern is the standard variant of lasgun[5]

  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Length: 900 millimetres
  • Magazine Type: 19 megathule range (rechargable)
  • Type of Fire: Single shot or fully automatic
  • Rate of Fire (cyclic): 220 shots per minute
  • Shot Intensity: low to high
  • Sights: adjustable, back and front sights with optional laser sight/integral optics

Accatran Pattern Lasgun

Accatran Mk II Recon Lasgun

Accatran Mk II Recon Lasgun[56a]

Accatran lasguns are typified by their short, almost carbine-like profile, and high rate of fire, which make them ideal for use in the confines of boarding actions, cityfights, or trench warfare.[56b]

Accatran Pattern MkIV

Accatran pattern MkIV lasgun[20]

Often employed by Elysian Drop Troops regiments, the Accatran MkIV is a bullpup-style lasgun with an integrated lamp pack. The lamp pack is powered by the same power cell that provides the lasgun's ammunition, but the power draw is so small as to be negligible. The compact design of the weapon is due in part to the power cell’s location in the stock.[32]

The smaller profile of the Accatran MkIV is perfectly suited to the drop missions Elysian regiments often undertake, easily manoeuvred at short range or fired from the hip. Further, its lighter design allows wielders to carry other equipment in place of the extra bulk, which can be particularly vital for regiments that favour grav-chutes as a means of deployment.[32]

Accatran Pattern MkIVc

Accatran pattern MkIVc lasgun[43]

The same weapon as the MkIV, but with an integral single shot auxiliary krak grenade launcher under the barrel. This pattern was used by the Elysian Drop Troops special detachment D-99.[43]

Accatran Pattern MkIVe

Accatran pattern MkIVe lasgun[20]

The Accatran Pattern MkIVe is used by the Elysian Drop Troops. It is identical to the standard MkIV, but with the addition of an underslung auxiliary krak grenade launcher

Accatran Mk VIIa Recon Lasgun

Accatran Mk VIIa Recon Lasgun[56a]

The Mk VI series is an evolutionary offshoot of the Mk IV, so beloved of the Elysian Drop Troops. The improved rate of fire from its more efficient charge pack comes at the expense of stopping power.[56b]

Accatran Mk VIIa Recon Lasgun

Accatran Mk VIIa Recon Lasgun[56a]

"They say the lasgun is a "humble" weapon. I say it's the most efficient tool in the galaxy. Billions of liberated souls can't be wrong. - Lord Militant Ennic Baross"[56b]

Armageddon Pattern Lasgun

The Armageddon Pattern Lasgun is a common, mass produced version of the lasgun.[36]

Drusus Prime Pattern

Made in large numbers for Calixis PDF use, the Drusus Prime is in fact a local copy of the ubiquitous Ryza-M pattern lasgun made by numerous forges and manufactorums. All weapons of this type made in the Calixis Sector are named in honour of the warrior Saint Drusus and bear a crude stamp of his profile on their casing.[31a]

A simple charge repeater lasgun, the Drusus Prime is perhaps the most widely produced long arm in the sector, and the sheer numbers stolen from armouries and legitimately traded over the centuries make it the most likely of its type to be found in the hands of gangers, criminals and low-grade guns for hire from Scintilla to Baraspine.[31a]

Fractrix Pattern Assault Laser

The Fractrix pattern assault laser is produced by Forge World Fractrix. Capable of firing five shots per second it uses twin power packs allowing for fifteen seconds of continuous fire. It is also fitted with a multiple target designation range-finder able to detect heat patterns and a safety located above the trigger guard which controls power to the gun and optical array. While the weapon is very reliable its focus prism requires replacement after every thousand shots, a process which requires a Tech-priest to perform and greatly limits its utility during extended firefights. Adept Gudmanz of the 13th Penal Legion once oversaw the assembly lines which produced these weapons until his conviction.[25]

Illuminator VI

The Illuminator VI was a pattern of lasrifle in use in the late Great Crusade era. It was constructed on Veridia Forge.[17]

Kantrael Pattern Lasgun

Kantrael Pattern M36 Lasrifle

Kantrael pattern M36 lasrifle[16a]

The M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasrifle is the standard variant for the Cadian Shock Troopers and the Severan Dominate.[3a][38]

Kantrael MG 'Short' Pattern

Kantrael MG 'Short' pattern lasgun[9a]

The Kantrael MG 'Short' pattern was the standard variant issued to Cadian Shock Troopers deployed to Betalis III.[9a]

Kantrael MG Ia Infantry Lasgun

Kantrael MG Ia Infantry Lasgun[56a]

The lasgun is cheap to manufacture and its rugged frame stands up well to the abuses of a long military campaign.[56a]

Kantrael MG IV Infantry Lasgun

Kantrael MG IV Infantry Lasgun[56a]

The MG Mk IV was something of a short-lived experiment, sacrificing stopping power in favour of improved rate of fire.[56b]

Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun

Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun[56a]

With its improved charge pack and focussing array, the MG XII is amongst the most powerful lasguns to come out of the manufactorums of Kantrael, albeit somewhat slower to fire than its cousins.[56b]

Kalibrax V-I Pattern Lasrifle

The Kalibrax V-I Pattern Lasrifle was the standard weapon of Imperial Army Solar Auxilia during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Of a higher quality than standard Lasguns or Lascarbines, its notable for its heavily reinforced energy transfer capacitors, overall durability, and superior heat dissipation qualities. The Kalibrax could also easily handle a variety of modifications and augmentative systems, such as bolt-collimator arrays and induction blast-chargers.[26]

Lucius Patterns

Lucius no.98 Pattern

Lucius pattern no. 98 lasgun[3b]

The signature weapon of the Death Korps of Krieg, the Lucius-pattern lasgun operates in the 21 megathoule range, but is designed to draw from a standard Munitorum-issue power pack. Consequently, the Lucius lasgun discharges a more powerful shot, but drains the power pack at a correspondingly increased rate. This also puts a great strain on the weapon, limiting the rate of fire and requiring such features as additional heat sink rings lining the exterior of the barrel. Even with such considerations, an over-taxed Lucius lasgun can quickly overheat. The added danger of the weapon overheating does not perturb the famously stoic Krieg.[32]

Lucius Mk I Helbore Lasgun

Lucius Mk I Helbore Lasgun[56a]

Most Lucius-pattern lasguns operate in the 21 megathoule range, discharging a more powerful shot, but draining their power packs more rapidly.[56b]

Lucius Mk II Helbore Lasgun

Lucius Mk II Helbore Lasgun[56a]

A more elegant design of the Lucius Mk I. Once the preserve of officers in the Death Korps of Krieg, this aging but reliable model has found its way into the hands of soldiers across the galaxy.[56b]

Lucius Mk III Helbore Lasgun

Lucius Mk III Helbore Lasgun[56a]

With their extended barrels and bayonet loops, Lucius-pattern lasguns are well-regarded by assault troops who seek out melee after discharging a few volleys.[56b]

Mars Pattern Lasgun

Mars pattern lasgun[13]

The Mars pattern is used by the Tallarn Desert Raiders.[13]

Mars MkII Pattern Lasgun

A lasgun pattern used during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. It was noted as being inferior to the Kalibrax V-I Pattern Lasrifle.[26]

Mars MkIII 'Short' Pattern Lasgun

Standard issue for many Imperial Guard regiments across the Imperium since M.36, the blocky MK III lasgun is a remarkably robust and easy to use weapon. Legendarily able to stand up to any amount of abuse and keep firing, the “Guardsman’s Friend”, as the Uplifting Primer calls it, is respected over more powerful shoulder arms for its practicality and extreme reliability in almost any condition. The Mars pattern is produced in great numbers on Scintilla and Malfi and is the standard armament of most Calixian Guard regiments.[31b]

Merovech Pattern Assault Lasgun

Designed purely for close range assaults, this gun is heavily reinforced and has a bayonet built into its short and heavy frame. Slots for two power packs are included so the gun can switch to a fresh pack with no reloading. Since the firefights it's designed for are typically over long before two packs are exhausted, it serves its design perfectly.[Needs Citation]

Merovech Model 481 "Persuader" Lasgun

Designed for close combat assaults, trench fighting, and urban warfare, the Model 481 "Persuader" Lasgun is a pulsing laser weapon capable of a tremendous rate of fire. Though intended for use by planetary militias and the Imperial Guard, the Persuader has also carved a niche for itself among underworld figures looking for an edge in sheer firepower. The compact size of the Persuader, combined with its high volume of fire, makes it an excellent all-around choice for most combat situations, though its relatively short range can be a liability on an open battlefield. For most, however, its shortcomings are far outweighed by the Persuader’s utility, especially when paired with an oversized "drum" power pack that nearly doubles the weapon's capacity.[35]

Necromunda Pattern lasgun

The Necromunda pattern lasgun is recognized across the Imperium.[12a][12c][50b] This pattern is produced by House Escher on the planet Necromunda. The House clan becoming known for the quality of the lasguns it produced despite producing them in the millions every production cycle.[50a]. The Necromunda pattern possesses single and semi automatic firing modes, and can be fitted with an Exterminator.[12a][12b]

Nihilis Pattern Lasgun

Nihilis Pattern Lasgun[41]

Produced by House Van Saar in the hive city of Necromunda, several of these lasguns were recalled due to logistics errors. Lasguns issued between M35 and M40, with serial numbers 00001475 through 72341110 were recalled as they were originally intended for personal use, but issued to the Astra Militarum by mistake. Issues with these lasguns made them operate outside of normal combat parameters. These included: Above-average Combat Efficacy, Temperamental Machine Spirit, No Bayonet Attachment Point, Unexpected Operator Hair Loss, and Unexpected Operator Death.

Soldiers issued these lasguns were instructed to return these weapons to the regimental quartermaster. Replacements were expected to be issued in 2-3 months depending on distance from nearest forge world and warp-time dilation on delivery vessels. As an apology for the mistake, regiments issued the faulty lasguns were issued almost-new condition Plasma Guns that were permanently locked to the overcharge setting.[41]

Like much of Van Saar technology, these lasguns bathe radiation upon their wielder, slowly killing them.[44]

'Tomaz' Nihilis Pattern Lasgun

'Tomaz' Nihilis Pattern Lasgun[50]

A subpattern of the Nihilius Pattern Lasgun with a slightly shortened profile.[50]

Ryza-M Pattern Lasgun

A simple charge repeater lasgun. The Drusus Prime Pattern, used by the Calixis PDF, is a copy of this pattern.[31a]

Sollex Pattern-IX “Death Light” Lasgun

Made to the requirements of the Magnagorsk guilds by the Mechanicus sect of Sollex, the Death Light is an extremely powerful compact lasgun with a folding stock designed to fire high-energy blasts. These blasts, considerably stronger than a normal lasgun discharge, can easily burn through the thick insulation suits worn throughout Magnagorsk hive. Their power hungry nature, however, means Sollex guns are far less efficient than most las weapons and dangerous if overcharged.[31a]

Triplex Pattern Lasgun

Triplex Pattern Lasgun[11][48]

A highly refined variant of the standard lasgun, the Triplex offers alternative firing modes that make the weapon more versatile on the battlefield, alternating between a "standard" mode, a "precision" mode for increased accuracy, and an "incineration" mode for sheer destructive power.[48]

Voss Pattern Lasgun

Voss pattern lasgun[49]

The Voss pattern is the standard variant for the Armageddon Steel Legion.[23]

Vostroya Pattern Lasgun

Vostroya Pattern Lasgun[24]

The Vostroyan Pattern Lasgun is used by the Vostroyan Firstborn. The weapons are known for their fine hand-crafted detail.[24] These lasguns are also often passed down as prized heirlooms.[36]

Integrated Lathe-Lasrifle

Originally derived from an ancient archeotech design, the integrated Lathe-Lasrifle packs a greater punch than regular Lasguns. Standard rifle of the Crimson Guard, Lathe-Lasrifles are fast becoming a more and more common sight throughout the Calix Sector.[34]

Lasburst Twin Lasgun

Considered old even among the ancient nature of most Imperial weapons, twin lasguns are a rare sight on the battlefield. First produced millennia ago, their design was never perfected as other patterns soon superseded the Lasburst’s unreliable nature. Still some appear on battlefields, either as ancient devices or low-grade versions manufactured in lesser munitions factories. While not as dependable as a regular lasgun, Lasbursts offer a much stronger fire rate by literally doubling the normal firepower.[31b]

Stormfront Lasgun

The use of this local variant of the standard Kantrael Pattern lasgun by the widely renowned Brontian regiments has secured this weapon’s “cold steel” reputation in Calixian military circles. The Stormfront lasgun features an integral bayonet and a wooden stock as part of its solid construction, and the rifle is balanced for the close-quarters fighting at which the Brontians excel. The Stormfront can be used as a spear in melee.[31b]

Ursh-Vantovka Lascarbine

The Ursh-Vantovka pattern was a lascarbine used during the Great Crusade, but was notably inferior to the Kalibrax V-I Pattern Lasrifle.[26]

Providence-pattern Lasgun

This pattern is the standard issue weapon of the Arkan Confederates regiments of the Imperial Guard, named after their homeworld of Providence.[53]

Veteran's Lasgun

Forge Worlds and munitions plants of the Imperium rarely stray from their precious STC templates. However, soldiers in the field might alter their weapon of choice for longer range or increased firepower to better fight the enemies of Mankind. The Veteran's Lasgun for example is one of these field modifications having a second barrel installed under the first for increased firepower.[47]

Lasgun Variants



A lighter, cut-down version of the Lasgun that is easier to carry and aim, but has fewer shots and shorter range.[11]

MkIII Lascarbine

The MkIII Lascarbine is a standard issue rifle of the Tanith First and Only regiment. Made by the armourers of Tanith Magna, these rifles had furniture made of Tanith's local nalwood. They used size 3 power packs.[33]

Mk 4 Lascarbine

The Mk 4 lascarbine is the standard variant for the Catachan Jungle Fighters.[2a]

Gethrik "Fireshot" Lascarbine

Made for the use of the highly superstitious and feral savages of Jub'bala, these lascarbines were known to be extremely crude. The Fireshot lacked even the most basic of safety features or fire select modes, and its furnishings were made from the planet's local stonewood.[46]

Locke-Pattern Lascarbine

Locke-pattern lascarbine[11]

A lighter, cut down version of the lasgun, the lascarbine has fewer shots and a shorter range but is easier to carry and aim, often coming with a folding stock.[11]

Mars-Tellurian Mark II-III Lascarbine

During the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras, the standard for personal arms for Imperialis Militia was the Mars-Tellurian Pattern Mark II-III Lascarbine. It possessed a registered mortality rate of 70% when striking an unarmoured human in the central body mass with a single strength discharge in optimum firing conditions, and mounted a rechargeable liquid metal core magazine able to fire 80 shots before reloading was needed. While this weapon was mass-produced in the tens of millions by centralized Forge Worlds, this was but a drop in the ocean to the Imperialis Militias' logistical needs.[45]

Minerva-Aegis Las Carbine

Popular with the more notable mercenary companies and private guild armsmen, the Minerva-Aegis is a sophisticated las carbine that unusually features a high cycle-charge chamber allowing it a rapid pulse mode comparable to fully automatic fire. Fruit of the Aegis Fragment and currently produced under title to the Takara Fane of Gunmetal, the high-grade materials needed for its construction mean its cost is significantly more than more commonplace lasguns. It is an undoubted sign of discerning professionalism in a hired scummer (or aptitude in stealing from their betters) for them to be wielding a Minerva-Aegis.[31a]

M40 Vostroyan-pattern Carbine

These carbines are short-form and plain, as opposed to the long-form, elegantly filigreed, heirloom pieces favoured by Firstborn regiments. They are however hardwearing and effective weapons and are sometimes used by Firstborn regiments as excess weapons stock. The M40 semi-automatic and feature a sling and bayonette mount.[54]


Main article: Long-Las

A sniper variation of the Lasgun with a much longer barrel for increased range and accuracy, but increased difficultly to use in close quarters.[11]



An enhanced version of the standard Lasgun with superior armor-penetrating capabilities.[11]



An illegal modification of a standard lasgun popular amongst the techwrights and armour-mongers of Footfall, the ‘shotlas’ is rigged to discharge more energy per shot, at the cost of beam coherence, with shots swiftly losing power and becoming ineffective at longer ranges.[28]

Lasgun Ammunition

Lasgun ammunition, called "Power Packs", are what provide the weapon's laser emitters with energy. They come in several types and sizes. Types include: short, long, sickle-pattern, box-form, drum, and backpack. Sizes range from 1 to 5. Weapons designed for a particular size cannot use other standard sizes.[33] "Hotshot" packs, of the same size, provide more powerful but less numerous shots.[1] Power packs store vast amounts of energy via the use of liquid metal cores. The pack can be recharged in many ways, including sunlight,[3a] a Charger Maw,[55] or even being left slightly inside of a camp fire (although this method will damage the power pack, shortening its lifespan and increase its failure rate).[37] It can also be "overcharged", a trick used by Guard veterans that causes the pack to explode, turning the weapon into a makeshift grenade. This tactic is only used in last-ditch situations, as it results in the destruction of the weapon. The resultant explosion, however, is powerful enough to crack open the frontal armor of a Chaos Dreadnought.[3a]

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