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Lasgun Wedding (Novel)

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Lasgun Wedding
Author Will McDermott
Publisher Black Library
Series Necromunda

Kal Jerico Series

Preceded by Kal Jerico: Cardinal Crimson
Followed by Sinner's Bounty
Released April 2007
Pages 256
Editions 2007 softcover:
ISBN 9781844164624

2011 in The Complete Kal Jerico:

ISBN 9781849702294

Lasgun Wedding is the third Kal Jerico novel, written by Will McDermott, first published in 2007 and included in the 2011 The Complete Kal Jerico. It was also republished in the Valentine's Day Ebundle 2013.

Cover Description[1]

It's survival of the fittest on the towering industrial hive world of Necromunda, where brutal gangs fight for supremacy in the nightmare Underhive and decadent nobles play power games in the higher echelons of the Spire. Kal Jerico, suave bounty hunter, is drawn into a deadly game of his own when the ruler of Necromunda falls dead and he is coerced into taking his place! Assassins vying for Kal's blood and power mad nobles are the least of Kal's worries as, still adjusting to life as Lord of the Spire, he has to get married!

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