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Lashworm is a native life form of the Lost Hope Death World and has spread on other worlds via accidental introduction along with other space-faring cargo.[2]

Having arrived as spores aboard textile transports from the Jubilon Sector many years ago, whole sections of the Necromundan Underhive are now thoroughly infested with Lashworms. Hiding tightly coiled to the size of a fish in crevices, they keep the tip of their tail protruding, the sensitive tip of which can detect any disturbance, even to the air, caused by something moving nearby. When they detect prey, they lash out this tail, its razor sharp end stripping a chunk of flesh from the victim before instantly coiling up back into the crevice.[1]

The unfortunate, wounded party will not even be able to exact revenge on their attacker, as the Lashworm coils up so small and in such deep nooks that it is impossible to reach it.[1]

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