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Lastrum Bolt Cannon

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Gyrfalcon Jetbike of the Adeptus Custodes with Lastrum Bolt Cannon (in the hull)

The Lastrum Bolt Cannon is a type of heavy Bolt Weapon used by the Adeptus Custodes, typically mounted on the Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbikes.

This pattern of bolt weapons is named for the weaponsmiths of the Lastrum Core Clan of the Appolyne workshops of Terra. Other than being exemplars of their kind in terms of skill of fabrication, they would not be remarkable save for their uniquely powerful ammunition. Rather than the usual 'kraken' type bolts utilized by the wider sweep of the Legio Custodes, the artisans of the Lastrum clans hand manufacture only customised mass-reactive heliothermic warheads for their bolt shells. Once within their target, these burst into brief, but sun-hot incendiary detonations, incinerating their victims from within. These shells are uncommonly dense, requiring a far stronger charge to launch than common bolt shells, and only the Lastrum's uniquely sturdy construction for a weapon of their size can withstand the stresses of their repeated firing.[1]

The sheer resources and artifice of these weapons are immense, and they could never hope to be mass produced to arm the Space Marine Legions, and even the output of entire generations of the Lastrum themselves can barely satisfy Legio Custodes' demands.[1]