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Lazarus (Dark Angels)

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Lazarus is the current Master of the Dark Angels Chapter's 5th Company and is an expert strategist and tactician.[1]


During the Siege of the Fenris System, Lazarus was a Sergeant of the 5th Company and defended The Rock against Daemonic assaults alongside companies of Chapter Serfs. The experience affected Lazarus deeply and caused him to develop a deep hatred against Chaos.[4b] Lazarus took command of the 5th after his predecessor, Company Master Balthasar, was slain in the chaotic battles that followed the Great Rift's creation.[1]

He also took part in War Zone Stygius, where only Lazarus' leadership prevented a total rout of Imperial forces on the Ice World of Rimenok. While fighting there, though, Lazarus was struck by Thousand Sons fell sorcery, which left him with such severe wounds that not even a Dreadnought sarcophagus could save him. With his life on the line, the only option remaining to the Dark Angels' Apothecaries was for the Company Master to undergo the Rubicon Primaris. Days later, the operation was a success and Lazarus emerged as a fully healed Primaris Space Marine and the first to become a member of the Dark Angels Inner Circle. He now leads his Company once again and is even more determined to punish the servants of Tzeentch.[1]

Later during the Assault on Sortiarius Lazarus led the Dark Angels 5th Company alongside a Grey Knights strike force to stop Magnus the Red from conducting a ritual on Sortiarius.[4a]

During the second assault on The Rock during the Arks of Omen Campaign, Lazarus helped lead the defense of the inner sanctum of the fortress alongside Azrael himself.[5]


Lazarus' wargear includes the Spiritshield Helm and the Power Sword Enmity's Edge.[3]


Master Lazarus[2]

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