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Lazlo Tiberius

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Lazlo Tiberius

Lord Admiral Lazlo Tiberius is the commander of the Ultramarines Strike Cruiser Vae Victus. Nearly four hundred years old as of late M41, he has spent nearly all of his career fighting in space, and is one of the Chapter's finest void-tacticians.[1a]


The Vae Victus is usually assigned to the Ultramarines' Fourth Company, under the command of Uriel Ventris. As Fourth Company Captain, Ventris is traditionally entitled to the position of Master of the Fleet, but he transferred this title to Tiberius, in recognition of the latter's experience.[2a]

The Vae Victus fought with distinction during the Fourth Company's deployments to Pavonis[1], Tarsis Ultra[2], and Espandor.[3] It also assisted the Fourth Company during the Invasion of Ultramar, and later conveyed it to Talassar to relieve Chapter Master Calgar and the First Company.[5]