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League (Votann)

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Leagues are large societal-economic groupings of the Leagues of Votann. Leagues make up many Kindred, sharing a common trade, military support, tariffs, and so on. Many Leagues have existed for millennia and are powerful and ancient power blocs. Others are in a state of decline or only have recently been established.[1a]


The first Leagues were formed by Kindreds in direct possession of Ancestor Cores. These Leagues were initially military alliances intended to ensure their precious Votann were protected and sprang out naturally over the long period of mining fleet settlement within the Galactic Core. Soon enough, the Leagues became mutually beneficial allied bodies comparable to star-spanning nations.[1b]

Each League possess sole claim to the ancient heraldic colors and logos of one of the ancient mining fleets. Every Kindred that belongs to a League is thus entitled to display these schemes and sigils in whatever fashion they see fit. Over time, the territories of each League have become relatively set, while prevailing cultures, specialties, and outlooks have come to prominence within their membership. While uncommon, it is not unheard of for Kindreds to leave one League for another.[1b]

Typically, a League is made up to six to twenty Kindreds but this number varies greatly. A powerful League will oversee vast swathes of space within the Galactic Core, from not only Hold Worlds and mining planets to void stations, flotillas, and more.[1c]

Known Leagues

Major Leagues

Lesser Leagues

Former Leagues