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Leandros is a member of the Ultramarines, who served in the Command Squad of Captain Titus's 2nd Company.[1]


He speaks in an overly formal manner and does things strictly by the Codex Astartes- so much so that Leandros is very enthusiastic about doing things just as the Codex pertains right. However this has led him to often speak with little tact, as Leandros believes all actions must serve the Emperor. This belief has caused Leandros to question the motives of anyone he suspects of not giving their all for the Imperium. He also looks up to his fellow Ultramarines, Veteran Sergeant Sidonus and especially his Captain, Titus, whom Leandros sees as the type of Ultramarine he aspires to become. However, Leandros will sometimes goes overboard in pursuing what he thinks is a noble course of action, because he wants to prove himself and his abilities.[1]

This page contains spoilers for: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Leandros was the most recent member of Captain Titus's Command Squad[1], when he took part in defending Graia, after it was invaded by Warboss Grimskull's Waaagh!. However the 2nd Company's fleet came under attack by the Orks, when they arrived at the Forge World and Titus deployed them, while the Company was under fire[2a]. This chaotic deployment led the Ultramarines to be separated, but Leandros soon regrouped with Titus and their fellow Ultramarine Sidonus[2b]. The three would fight beside 2nd Lieutenant Mira's 203rd Cadian Regiment against the Orks[2b], but Leandros thought little of the Guardsmen. His ascension to an Ultramarine had caused him to lose his Human perspective. Leandros was especially patronizing to the surviving Guardsmen he encountered on Graia[1]. In the course of defending the Forge World, with the Cadians, though, Titus' group crossed paths with Inquisitor Drogan.[2c]

The Inquisitor was on Graia developing a weapon powered by the Warp, called the Psychic Scourge, and required their help in defending it. Titus, Sidonus and Leandros succeeded in saving the Scourge from the Orks[2c], though in the process the Captain is forced to grab hold of the Scourge. This surprises Drogan, however, as anyone who made physical contact with the weapon, should be killed by it, as the Scourge is empowered by the Warp. Leandros makes note of this and becomes suspicious as to how Titus was able to survive. The Captain states that he does not know, but orders them to move and leave before the Orks attack them again. Leandros reluctantly drops the matter,[2d] and the Ultramarines escort the weapon and Inquisitor to another base where it could be used. In doing so, Drogan hoped the weapon would defeat Grimskull's invasion. However when the weapon was activated, it instead opened a Warp Rift above the Forge World and allowed the Sorcerer Nemeroth's Chaos forces to invade Graia. It was revealed that Inquisitor Drogan had been slain before he made contact with Titus' group and had been possessed by a Daemon serving Nemeroth. Before the three Ultramarines could be killed by Nemeroth, however, Warboss Grimskull attacked the Sorcerer and the Ultramarines were able to reclaim the Psychic Scourge[2e]. Under Titus' orders, the group then used the psychic weapon to empower the Imperial Titan Invictus, which fired upon the Warp Rift and weakened it. Afterwards, Titus gave the Scourge to Sidonus and ordered the Veteran Sergeant to take it to their Strike Cruiser Fury of Descent, for safekeeping. The Captain and Leandros then kept Nemeroth's forces at bay, while Sidonus raced towards a landing pad to wait for an aircraft to evacuate him. However when he reached it, Sidonus was killed by Nemeroth who teleported behind the Veteran Sergeant and impaled him on the Sorcerer's Lightning Claws. Titus and Leandros saw this, but they were unable to save Sidonus before he was killed and Nemeroth escaped with the Psychic Scourge.[2f]

A vengeful Titus then told Leandros to safeguard Sidonus' body until an Apothecary arrived, and then join the Imperial counter-attack against the invaders. The Captain, however, planned to hunt down and kill Nemeroth, before the Sorcerer could use the Psychic Scourge's power to become a Daemon Prince. Leandros vehemently disagreed with this and stated Titus' course of action was suicide or worse. He explained that the Captain had show repeated resistance to the Warp, since Nemeroth had invaded Graia. A fact that the Sorcerer was aware of and Nemeroth was now interested in Titus' ability. Though Leandros denies fearing that Titus would fall to Heresy, he believed whatever was behind the Captain's resistance could only aid the Sorcerer. Titus disregards, Leandros' concerns and insists that he will not embrace Heresy, before leaving to confront Nemeroth[2f]. However Leandros concerns about the Captain's ability, led him to become convinced that Titus had become corrupted. He then made contact with the Inquisition and claimed that Titus was a Heretic[2h]. Meanwhile, the Captain succeeded in killing Nemeroth and closing the Warp Rift[2g], as more Imperial reinforcements arrived. Despite his success, though, Leandros' charge of Heresy against him, led Titus to be taken into custody by Inquisitor Thrax. Before he was escorted away, however, Leandros told Titus that the Codex Astartes left no doubt that the Captain was a Heretic. No one could resist the Warp as Titus had done otherwise. The Captain, though, stated the Codex was a set of rules that guided the Ultramarines. It guided them and instilled honor within the Ultramarines. But it was how each member of the Chapter lives with those rules, is the true test of a Space Marine. A test, Titus concluded, that Leandros had ultimately failed.[2h]