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Learchus Abantes

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This page contains spoilers for: Ultramarines (Novel Series)

Learchus Abantes is a Sergeant of the Ultramarines 4th Company. He is cool-headed and follows rules very closely, as opposed to his superior, Captain Uriel Ventris. Learchus is one of Captain Ventris's most trusted sergeants, who often consults him.


While Ventris was in the Eye of Terror, Learchus took command of the 4th Company. On Ventris's return, Learchus grew jealous, feeling that he should command the company. Ventris reminded him that the Company is his to lead. After this, Learchus shunned any doubt of Ventris. Later, on Pavonis, Learchus took control of a Scout squad and infiltrated the port of Praxedes, distracting the Tau long enough to allow the rest of the company's Drop Pods to safely land.

On Calth, Learchus took control of an armoured spearhead consisting of both Ultramarine and PDF vehicles. He then tried to stop an enemy convoy of Honsou's forces during the Invasion of Ultramar from reaching Guilliman's Gate, but was forced to retreat when a Baneblade appeared.


Learchus is armed with a Boltgun and a Power Sword.