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This page contains spoilers for: Saturnine (Novel)

Leetu or "LE 2" was a prototype Space Marine legionary who had sworn to protect the Perpetual Erda before the start of the Great Crusade.[1]


Leetu was among the first successful legionary templates, created using the gene-stock of the Emperor and Erda before they used the technique to create the Primarchs. As such, he considers them to be his parents, but his loyalty is only to Erda. This occurred after she became disillusioned with the grim future the Emperor intended for the Primarchs and scattered them into the warp before escaping the Imperial Palace. Leetu defended her from that day forth and swore to protect her from the Emperor or anyone else who sought to harm her.[1] When Erda told John Grammaticus that Ollanius Persson was due to arrive on Terra in two weeks, she gave Leetu to the perpetual to serve as his protector.[1a] Leetu continued to protect John when they searched for Ollanius, eventually finding a group of Calth survivors and continuing on in their quest alongside Actaea and a Space Marine identifying himself as Alpharius.[3] During their journey to the Sanctum Imperialis, Leetu expressed some memories of his past, including that he once liked to draw and revealing he still partook in the hobby.[4]

Leetu accompanied the group into the Imperial Dungeon, eventually reaching the Golden Throne alongside the other "Argonauts", but discovering that the Emperor had gone to fight Horus aboard the Vengeful Spirit.[5] Nonetheless, the group continued on their quest in search of a new plan of action. It was then that they encountered Erebus on the walls of the Imperial Palace. During the subsequent struggle, all of the group save Ollanius, John, and Leetu were slain while Actae was buried under rubble.[6a] Leetu and John managed to break a despondent Ollanius out of his despair and continue on with their mission, and the Space Marine nearly gave his life to save them from a group of frenzied Word Bearers.[6b] While badly injured, Leetu still helped Ollanius in confronting the Emperor as He appeared as the proto-Dark King. The Emperor seemed to recognize Leetu by name, and together with Garviel Loken the group were able to convince the Emperor to give up the Warp power He had absorbed in order to avoid corruption.[6c][6d] Leetu and Loken then went with the Emperor to confront Horus while John and Ollanius were ordered to stay behind.[6e][6f]

Leetu joined the Emperor, Loken, and Caecaltus Dusk in battling Horus within Lupercal's Court. However the three lesser warriors were easily blasted away by Horus, and Leetu found himself before the strung-up corpse of Sanguinius. Leetu saved Sanguinius' corpse from being devoured by Daemons and cut down the dead Prinmarch.[7a] He then aided the defeated Emperor in freeing him from the throne Horus had nailed him as Dusk sacrificed himself as a distraction. However he was discovered by Horus, informed of Erda's death at the hands of Erebus, and thrown into the shadows surrounding Lupercal's Court. Leetu found himself face-to-face with the four Gods of Chaos.[7b]

Miraculously, Leetu survived his brief encounter with the Ruinous Powers as they quickly recoiled following Horus' death at the Emperor's hands. He teleported back into the Imperial Palace with Rogal Dorn, Valdor, and the other scant survivors of the boarding action. He produced a tarot card of The Throne which had been discovered near the Emperor's body, helping convince Dorn and the others that the Emperor could be saved from death by being placed on the Golden Throne.[7c]

Leetu survived the Heresy, and after the Siege of Terra is found sitting in a room alone waiting to be interrogated, sorting through a Tarot deck he had created through his old collection and those found aboard the Vengeful Spirit.[7d]


Leetu was armed with an ancient M676 Union Model bolt pistol which was made before the Imperium's accord with Mars. He also wore a beak-helmed pale silver suit of power armour that bore a small stamp of LE 2, which he takes his name from.[1]

He later wielded Loken's blade Mourn-It-All during the final battle aboard the Vengeful Spirit, but it is unknown if he kept it after the battle.[7c]


The LE2 Imperial Space Marine[2]

Leetu's designation LE2 is likely a callback to the 1985 Imperial Space Marine miniature released by Games Workshop. The miniature, part of a line known as LE2 (Limited Edition 2), predates even the release of the 1st Edition and was one of the first Space Marine figures released.[2]