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Legio Audax

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Targetdrone.gif Ember Wolves redirects here. For the short story by Rob Sanders, see The Ember Wolves (Short Story).
Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
Name: Legio Audax
Alternative name: Ember Wolves
Affiliation: Chaos
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Mars and Bodt (formerly)[4]
Colours: Red, bronze, and black
Strength: 90 Warhound Scout Titans (M31)[1b]

The Legio Audax (also known as the Ember Wolves) were a Traitor Titan Legion that sided with Horus during the Battle of Isstvan III.[1a] It was known for its close connection with the World Eaters, having served with them in the Great Crusade as part of the 13th Expeditionary Fleet. The legion consisted of at least 90 Warhound Scout Titans as well as Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans.[1b][10]


The Legio Audax was originally founded during the Great Crusade, created upon Mars to supply new Titans to Expeditionary Fleets. To facilitate its rapid creation, its ranks consisted solely of Warhound Titans, but they were given a delegation of Tech-Priests and STC fragments for the creation of other Titan classes once they discovered a Forge World of their own to colonize. This never came to pass, for during conflict with the Zlassr Empire their STC's were corrupted by the Xenos "Voidsingers". After this event the Legio earned a brutal reputation, being officially censured after the Lorin Alpha Massacre where they indiscriminately destroyed several hives. Numerous calls to abolish the Legion were ignored by the War Council, who instead relocated it to the barren world of Bodt, the training world of the World Eaters. They were also denied any resupply requests, ensuring they would only wield Warhounds for the foreseeable future.[9]

During the Crusade their savagery and reputation saw them drawn to their World Eaters allies. This savagery soon evolved into loyalty to Angron over the distant Collegia Titanica. It was during their time with the World Eaters that the Legio developed its Ursus Claws, and the Audax came to specialize in using small swift packs of up to five Warhounds to surround larger Titans, bringing them down with these new weapons.[1b] The Ursus Claws were always on the Titan's right weapon arm, whilst the Titans within each battle-pack mounted a variety of different primary weapons on their left arms for tactical variety.[4]

Later in the Heresy, Chaos-corrupted Titans of the Legio Audax appeared fighting alongside Daemons during the War Within the Webway.[3] Though most of Legio Audax joined Horus' forces, a Loyalist faction of the Legio still fought for the Imperium. They called themselves the Hounds of Night and are known to have taken part in the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[8]

During the Siege of Terra, the Legio Audax were the first Traitor Titans to breach the walls of the Inner Palace.[11b]

Notable Engagements


Known Titans

The Legio Audax was composed exclusively of Warhound Scout Titans.[4]

Notable Personnel



  • Toth Kol — Moderati Primus of Syrgalah[2a]
  • Keeda Bly — Moderati Secundus of Syrgalah[2a]
  • Kordella — Moderati of Canis Ulteriax, killed by the Tantorus Magnificat's reactor blast.[4]
  • Shenk — Moderati of Canis Ulteriax, killed by the Rubella Mortem.[4]


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