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Legio Debellator

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The Legio Debellator is an Imperial Titan Legion.[1]

Legion Info
Name: Legio Debellator
Alternative name: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Unknown
Colours: Very dark tourmaline red, nearly black.[1]
Strength: Unknown

The Legio's symbol is a bladed lioness icon.[1]

Notable Actions

  • Due to its proximity to the Eye of Terror, the Forge World Agripinaa periodically sends military incursions into the Warp Storm to attempt to gain intelligence on and disrupt enemy musterings. The Legio Debellator is known to contribute forces to some of these excursions.[1]
  • When Tophet VI came under attack from the Iron Warriors, the Legio was charged with defending the Forge World, alongside Skitarii from Agripinaa and Space Marines of the Subjugators Chapter. After breaking the Iron Warriors' initial assault on the principal Hive, the Legio's forces were informed that the Traitor Marines possessed a captured Titan of the Legio (the Warlord Battle Titan Ecce Bellum) and were deploying the corrupted God-Machine in their second wave. A Legio Debellator Warhound maniple was able to coordinate an ambush with the other Imperial forces and destroyed the corrupted Titan.[1]

Known Titans

Known Personnel

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