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Legio Fortidus

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The Legio Fortidus was a Titan Legion based on Mars during the Great Crusade.[1]

Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
Name: Legio Fortidus
Alternative name: The Dauntless
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: pre-Great Crusade
Forge World: Mars
Colours: Red & White
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown
Arch Enemies: Unknown

One of the most ancient Legions of Mars, they were among the first Legion's targeted by traitors in the Schism of Mars.[3] During the Death of Innocence the Legio Fortidus, along with the Legio Agravides, were destroyed when their reactors went critical, annihilating their fortress and much of the Erebus Montes.[1]

Despite this, elements of the Legion took part in the Battle of Molech during the Horus Heresy[2], having been stationed on the world previous to the battle on Mars.[3]

Known Titans

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