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Legio Honorum

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The Legio Honorum are a Titan Legion of the Collegia Titanica stationed on the Forge World of Stygies VIII, which lies perilously close to the Eye of Terror. They are known to have fought in the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[1][2]

Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
LegioHonorum Warlord.png
Name: Legio Honorum
Alternative name: 'Death Bolts'[4]
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: 30 years before the Treaty of Olympus[6]
Forge World: Stygies VIII
Colours: Red and Gold, decorated in Blue and Silver
Strength: 110-120 Titans (pre-Heresy)[6]
Arch Enemies: Death Stalkers


Created by the initiative of Mars to further spread its power across the Galaxy[6], the Legion was young by the time of the Great Crusade but quickly gained the reputation of tireless crusaders. However Mars offered little direct aid to the Legio despite successive victories, and after repeated denials for new Titan engines an agreement was reached wherein they would be given rights to stewardship over a world for every 30 they lend aid in conquering. Over the Crusade they were able to gain four domains, with two more were pending by the time of the Horus Heresy. During this time, their cold Mechanicum logic had become replaced with optimism and dedication to the Imperial Truth. At this point, their strength was at 110-120 Titans that consisted of equal numbers of Warlords and Reavers with some two dozen Warhounds and an increased number of Warbringers relative to other Legions of their size. However, they lacked a Forge World to call their own and were instead a crusade Legion reliant on outside support.[6]

When the Horus Heresy began, a group of the Legio had returned to Mars to reaffirm their vows. However this was a calculated move by the traitors, who attacked the Legio Honorum in a surprise attack. During the attack on the parade grounds of Mars, the Legio Honorum lost its most cherished commanders and Titan engines. Despite this, much of their strength lay elsewhere.[6] These survivors turned their wrath on the traitors, hunting them across the stars. Their penchant for striding forward with their faces to the enemy is represented by a Legio Trait that rewards them for doing just that.[4] The Legio was called upon to lay siege to the traitor Forge World of Stygies VIII, which after the Heresy would become their new homeworld.[6]

The Legio Honorum makes use of modified command thrones that facilitate a greatly increased passing of knowledge between Titan and Princeps - so long as they can filter the vast torrent of information.[3]

Known Titans

Notable Members

Older Lore

The Legio Honorum had older lore during their original appearance in Mechanicum.[7]

This states that in the Death Bolts's early history, they took part in the Great Crusade and were originally stationed on Mars; where they had a decades long dispute, about ancient land territorial rights, with their fellow Legio, the Death Stalkers[1a]. When civil war erupted on Mars, the Death Bolts had remained loyal to the Emperor and were marked for destruction by the Dark Mechanicum, which had allied themselves with the Warmaster Horus. The Dark Mechanicum dispatched the Death Stalkers to rid them of the loyalist Legio and the Traitor Titan Legion launched a devastating surprise attack on the Death Bolts' fortress. The first hour of the battle between the two Legios, saw the unprepared Death Bolts lose nineteen of their Titans, before they retreated and sought refuge in the dune fields of Olympia Undae. Once there the Death Bolts called to their allies for reinforcements, but it went unanswered as the civil war tore Mars apart.[7]

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