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Legio Ignatum

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Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
Name: Legio Ignatum
Alternative name: Fire Wasps[3]
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: Pre-Great Crusade[3]
Forge World: Mars[3]
Colours: Red, black and yellow[3]
Strength: Unknown
Motto: Inveniam viam aut faciam (I will either find a way or I shall make one)[1e]
Arch Enemies: Legio Mortis[1h]

The Legio Ignatum (or "Fire Wasps") is a Titan Legion from Mars. It is one of the oldest and most honoured Legions, fighting throughout the Great Crusade, and later through the Horus Heresy, in which they defended the Imperial Palace.[1e][11] Two Warhound Titans of the Legio Ignatum have the honor of guarding the Eternity Gate within the Imperial Palace.[8]

The Legio's motto is Inveniam viam aut faciam which translates as I will either find a way or I shall make one.[1e]


The Imperator Titan Magnificum Incendius of the Legio Ignatum on Terra

The Legio Ignatum were one of the Triad Ferrum Morgulus, the three original Titan Legions that were founded during the Age of Strife.[3] They later fought in the Horus Heresy; at one stage they even defended the Imperial Palace. The Fire Wasps still retain a number of Titans from the Emperor's time. During the battle on Terra, the Legio was led by the Warmonger Class Titan Imperious Prima.[4] After the lifting of the siege of the Palace, the Legio took part in the campaigns to track down and punish the heretics.. Also during the Heresy, It fought on Paramar V, the Cataclysm of Iron, the War Within the Webway, and in the system of Tallarn, whose inhabitants courageously fought to resist the Renegade Legions.[13]

Throughout the long and bloody campaigns, the Fire Wasps kept their fierce hatred of the Legio Mortis, their old rivals turned to Chaos. This infamous Traitor Legion battered the walls of the Imperial Palace, and terrorised and systematically exterminated the populations of dozens of hive cities on Paramar and Tallarn. The hatred for the traitor Legio burns in the hearts of the members of the Legio Ignatum and one day old debts must be repaid.[Needs Citation]


War of the Beast

The two Warhound Titans of the Legio Ignatum which guard the Eternity Gate in the Imperial Palace saw action against an attempted Eldar infiltration of the palace during the War of the Beast.[8]

Invasion of Tanakreg

On the world of Tanakreg, the Legio Ignatum would deploy one of its last remaining Imperator Class Titans, the Exemplis, during the Invasion of Tanakreg. Engaging Word Bearer forces, the Exemplis was destroyed during the campaign.[2]

Defence of Hydra Cordatus

A small group of Legio Ignatum titans were assigned to defend the fortress of Hydra Cordatus including the Warlord class Battle titans Imperator Bellum [1d], Honoris Causa [1g], the Reaver class Battle titans Clavis Regni [1a], Armis Juvat [1f], Pax Imperator [1f] and the Warhound class Scout titans Jure Divenu [1b] and Defensor Fidei [1c]. When the fortress was attacked by the Iron Warriors, the defending Legio Ignatum titans took on the despised Dies Irae which led a group of Legio Mortis traitor titans. Most of the defending titans were destroyed primarily by the heavy firepower of the Dies Irae however after several attempts the Legio Ignatum titans were finally able to destroy the Dies Irae.[1h]

Taros Campaign

During the Taros Campaign 4 Warhounds of the Legio Ignatum took part in battles on Taros.[9a]

Third War for Armageddon

In the Third War for Armageddon, the entire Legio was deployed to defend Armageddon.[11][12]

A number of Legio Ignatum battle Titans were stationed in the wastelands around Volcanus Hive, led by the Princeps of the Warmonger Battle Titan Imperious Prima, Milar Boitanus. During these actions, they fought alongside the Space Marines of the Iron Champions and Celestial Lions Chapters.[11]

At some point, Despot Gazgrim diverted his ork hordes from attacking Volcanus to take the fight to the Legio directly. Boitanus, influenced by the bellicose machine-spirit of Imperious Prima, was baited into responding to the threat too aggressively. Gazgrim was able to weaken the void shields of Ignatum's Titans with waves of Fighta-Bommerz, which provided cover for Gazgrim's Gargants to advance and engage Ignatum's forces. The two forces fought a hard-pitched battle for the next six hours before Princeps Boitanus was forced to order a retreat. Boitanus himself covered the retreat, resulting in his death and the destruction of Imperious Prima and several other Titans who refused to let the ancient war machine fall alone.[11]

In the aftermath, the Legio Ignatum was reduced to a quarter of their forces still active and faced with the shame of not just the death of such a hallowed Titan, but the knowledge that they had failed to liberate Volcanus. Ignatum was redeployed to support other Titan Legions active to the southeast of Volcanus on the Plains of Anthrand - specifically the Legio Tempestor and Legio Victorum.[11]

Elsewhere on Armageddon, a number of Titans from the Legios Ignatum, Invigilata and Metalica fought along the Hemlock river in Armageddon Secundus, supported by Space Marines from the Salamanders Chapter.[10a][10b]

Thirteenth Black Crusade

In the Thirteenth Black Crusade the Legio worked alongside the Jouran Dragoons and Space Marines of the Death Spectres chapter.[Needs Citation]


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