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Legio Interfectra

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The Legio Interfectra loyalist Titan Legion from the Forgeworld Satzica Secundus.[1]

Legion Info
Name: Legio Interfectra
Alternative name: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Satzica Secundus
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown


The Legio Interfectra was deployed alongside the skitarii forces and Ordinatii, under the command of Magos Explorator Omnid Torquora to Forge World Velchanos Magna take it from the Iron Warriors, Dark Mechanicum, and Ironoclast Traitor Titan Legion forces.[1] Deploying a force comprised of multiple Imperator-class, Warlord-class, Reaver-class, and Warhound-class titans upon the world, they leveled the planet's hivecities and engaged the Chaos-corrupted Titans. While the battle Titans engaged the enemy Titans, the Scout Titans were deployed to the southern ruins. During the inital engagement, several Warhound-class and Reaver-class Titans were destroyed by the Ironoclast Titans.[1a]

The Legio Interfectra fought against Ironoclast traitors amongst the ore-depleted peaks of the Augol Mountains.[2]

The Warhound-class Canis Corporalis supported the skitarii troops at the hab-stacks of Metra-Minoria, before being called to attack a reserve trench by the Magos Explorator, killing a force of Iron Warriors, as well as its doomed Mechanicus defenders, including Skitarii Ansis-86 Oltega and tech-priest Dominus Theronymous Gant. The Canis Corporalis was later destroyed by the combined fire of three Ordinatus-class war machines attacking it from outside of it's weapons' range.[1b]

One of the Legio's Titans was felled during an operation in the Targaria Mountains.[1c]

Eventually The Magos Explorator succeed in using a prototype Geller Device to destroy the planet. The surviving members of the Titan Legio making back aboard the orbital ships and departing while under heavy fire from the planet.[1d]

Known Titans

Known Personnel

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