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Legio Invigilata

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Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
LegioInvigilata ReaverBattleTitan.jpg
Name: Legio Invigilata
LegioInvigilata Symbol.jpg
Alternative name: Emperor's Guard[3]
Affiliation: Imperium[3]
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Voss Prime[3]
Colours: Black, red & white[5]
Strength: Unknown[Note 1]

The Legio Invigilata are a loyalist Titan Legion who fought during the Third War for Armageddon. They are based on the Forge World Voss Prime.[3]


Invigilata was deployed in Legio-strength to Armageddon to defend it against Ork invaders during the Third War for Armageddon.[4] Elements of Invigilata were charged with roaming the Ash Wastes near the Hemlock River in support of both Cadian regiments and the Salamanders Chapter.[1a]

Elsewhere, Princeps Majoris Zarha Mancion commanded one third of the total force, 19 engines, and deployed her forces to Hive Helsreach to reinforce the defences there. Helsreach's defenders initially feared that Zarha might abandon the city to link up with the rest of Invigilata but after she met directly with Merek Grimaldus, Reclusiarch of the Black Templars and leader of the Helsreach Crusade, she pledged her portion of the Legio to Helsreach's defence.[1b]

Relations between the Legio and the other Imperial defenders of Helsreach were somewhat fractious, however. Zarha threatened to withdraw her support when she discovered that Grimaldus was planning to forcibly awaken the Ordinatus Armageddon.[1c]

The battle group took heavy losses during the Helsreach Crusade - Princeps Zarha herself was killed when her Titan, Stormherald, was destroyed by a Gargant known as Godbreaker. The Legio ultimately quit the city following the destruction of Stormherald.[1f] Of the nineteen engines that entered the city, only five were accounted for in the retreat.[1g]


Whenever a Titan of Invigilata is destroyed, the Principes of the rest of the Titan's battle group hold a Communion in which they reaffirm the unity of the battle group and its purpose.[1d]



Imperator Class

Warlord Class

Reaver Class

Warhound Class




Other Personnel



  • Note 1: The battle group commanded by Princeps Majoris Zarha in the Third War for Armageddon, which consisted of 19 Titans, was said by Zarha to be "...one-third of this Legio."[1b] If taken literally, this would put Invigilata's total strength at the outbreak of the war at 57 Titans.

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