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Legio Vulcanum

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The Legio Vulcanum are a Traitor Titan Legion of Chaos.

Colour Scheme Legion Info
Name: Legio Vulcanum I
Alternative name: Dark Fire/Lords of Ruin[7]
Affiliation: Chaos
Founded: pre-Heresy
Forge World: Eye of Terror (previously Stygies VIII)
Colours: Black, Teal, & Gold (Heresy-era)[7]
Strength: Unknown
Heresy-era Legio Vulcanum Warlord Titan


The Legio Vulcanum was originally founded sometime before the Horus Heresy on the Forge World of Stygies VIII. Located close to the Eye of Terror, Stygies VIII was rare in that it hosted two Titan Legions, Legio Vulcanum I and II. Most of both of the legions machine's were on Crusade with Horus when the Heresy began, immediately joining him. The two Legions launched an attack on Stygies VIII in cooperation with Chaos Cultists but on the verge of total victory were defeated by Eldar forces from Saim-Hann, which suddenly appeared to deny Chaos a new staging point. The two legions then accompanied Horus into the Eye of Terror.[3]

Recent History

They are noted to have taken part against Imperial forces during the Siege of Vraks. It was claimed by the Collegia Titanica that the Legio Vulcanum lost fourteen Titans during the war.[2]

Later in the 41st Millennium, they were among the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler in the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[1] During the battle for Cadia the Legion proved decisive in allowing for a traitor advance, but suffered heavy casualties and the loss of its senior Princeps.[6]

Known Titans

Known Personnel

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