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Legio Vulpa

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Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
Name: Legio Vulpa
Alternative name: Death Stalkers[3]
Affiliation: Chaos (Khorne)
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Originally Anvillus with secondary fortresses on Mars and Yythe.[7]
Colours: Red/gold
Strength: 154 Titans (Pre-Heresy)[7]

The Legio Vulpa, also known as the Death Stalkers[3], are a Traitor Titan Legion.[1b]


Age of Strife

The Legio Vulpa was founded upon Anvillus during the Age of Strife in order to combat the Jindarii, a race of nomadic bio-mechanical hunters which fielded machines similar to Titans. The first Princeps of the House proved adept in felling the xenos' temple-cities. The final battle of the war saw the Legio conquer the forge-moon of Yythe, located in the third closest star system to Anvillus. During the war it is said the Grand Matriarch of the Hyzebaru Tribe of the Jindarii, who stood 43 meters tall, slew seven Titans before being slain in turn. After the battle a 2km long line of Jindarii skulls were left along the Moon's greatest river, each one engraved with the stanza "Here our greatest blades rest, firm in belief they knew death’s art, taught instead by those who stalk beneath its shroud". From that day forth, the Legio Vulpa bore the name of Death Stalkers with pride.[7]

The effect of the war saw the Legio mimic their Jindarii foes, adopting the same cunning, adaptability, and emphasis on stealth and speed over ranged weaponry. These tactics were compiled in the Libraxus Tacticae Vulpa. In the centuries that followed the Legio proved instrumental in expanding Anvillus' domain.[7]

Great Crusade

In the Legio Vulpa's early history they took part in the Great Crusade and had a secondary fortress on Mars[7], where they had a decades long dispute about ancient territorial rights with their fellow Legio, the Death Bolts.[1a]

During the Great Crusade they levelled the city of Biphex on Dendritica instead of allowing negotiations to be given a chance, drawing the ire of the Legio Solaria.[3]

Horus Heresy

When civil war erupted on Mars, the Legio Vulpa turned upon the Emperor and joined those who swore their allegiance to the Warmaster Horus. Their Dark Mechanicum allies dispatched the Death Stalkers to destroy the loyalist Deathbolts and the Traitor Titan Legion launched a devastating surprise attack on their rival's fortress. The first hour of the battle between the two Legios saw the unprepared Deathbolts lose nineteen of their Titans to the Deathstalkers' attack, before the loyalist Legio finally escaped from their grasp.[1b]

Due to the corruption spread by Word Bearers Dark Apostle Vorrjuk Kraal, the Death Stalkers became more dedicated to Chaos and pledged themselves to Khorne. Blood sacrifice and dark rituals became commonplace. The Legio was one of those that fought for Horus during the Battle of Molech.[4]

Later, the Legio Vulpa was one of the Legions that took part in the Battle of Beta-Garmon, being stationed primarily on Beta-Garmon III and Theta-Garmon V. During the battle eight Princeps of the Legion were fused with Daemons and installed on Warlord Titans under the oversight of Dark Mechanicus Magos Ardim Protos and Dark Apostle Kraal, creating berserker machines dedicated to Khorne.[3] The Lego Vulpa went on to take part in the Siege of Terra, attacking Gorgon Bar and facing Sanguinius.[6]


By the 41st Millennium, the Death Stalkers had apparently not been been active for an extended period of time, and knowledge of them had been reduced to legends.[8] However, they were seen among the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler in the 13th Black Crusade.[2]


The Legio's symbol bares the mark of the Vorpus Sabrefang, an ancient and extinct creature said to personify cunning in pursuit and savagery in strike. The elite of Vulpa's princeps even keep facsimile versions of the sabrefang as pets.[5]






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