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Legio Vulturus

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The Legio Vulturus are a Traitor Titan Legion aligned with the Word Bearers.

Legion Info
Name: Legio Vulturus
Alternative name: Unknown
Affiliation: Chaos
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

Originally part of the Collegia Titanica during the Great Crusade, the Legion sided with Warmaster Horus during the Horus Heresy thanks to the efforts of Erebus. During the Heresy, they wreaked terrible havoc against the Legio Gryphonicus and Legio Victorum, destroying 40 engines in one unexpected engagement.[1]

10,000 years later, a demi-legio contingent of the Legio Vulturus appeared in the Word Bearers armada that took part in the Battle of the Boros Gate. Initially devastating the Imperial forces, the Titans of the Legio Vulturus were overwhelmed by the Necrons.[1]

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