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Legio Xestobiax

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The Legio Xestobiax, known as the Iron Vigil, is a Titan Legion.

Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
Name: Legio Xestobiax
Alternative name: Iron Vigil
Affiliation: Imperium / Thousand Sons
Founded: Pre-Great Crusade
Forge World: Zhao-Arkkad
Colours: Purple/White
Strength: Unknown


The origins of the Legio were with the Titans that accompanied the original Human colonizers to Zhao-Arkkad. The Titans protected the colonizers from the many beasts of the world, and they would continue to protect Zhao-Arkkad for many years to come.[1a]

During the Great Crusade the Legio Xestobiax established close ties to the Thousand Sons legion, frequently fighting alongside them. Nonetheless, the Legio remained one of the smallest and least prominent Titan Legions of the Crusade. The bulk of its small strength fell to Reaver and Warlord classes. However due to its ties to Zhao-Arkkad and the Thousand Sons, it was said that the Legio Xestobiax may have dabbled in Psi-Titan technology. The only known development from this was the creation of psycho-reactive iron cores in their Titans, technology gathered from fallen Eldar war machines. This technology allowed the experience of fallen Titan crew members to channel into the current pilots. As a by-product of this research the Titans and crews of the Legio began to act increasingly bizarre and prone to hallucinations.[1a]

During the Horus Heresy elements of the Legio remained loyal to the Thousands Sons during the Burning of Prospero, putting up fierce but futile resistance against the Space Wolves-allied Legio Mortis[1a] and Imperial Knights of the House Malinax.[1b] In the aftermath of Prospero most of the surviving Legio allied with Heretek factions on Zhao-Arkkad.[1a]

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