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Legion War

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The Legion War[3b], also known as the Eye of Terror Slave Wars, were waged shortly after the end of the Horus Heresy in the Eye of Terror.

The conflict saw the defeated Traitor Legions battle over slaves, resources, and worlds within the newly settled Eye. The Daemon Primarchs became increasingly withdrawn and concerned only with the affairs of the Warp and Great Game, making the Traitor Legion's leaderless and fractionalized. Hundreds of battles by scores of warbands were fought as most of the traitor legions lost any sense of cohesion. Blamed for defeat in the Heresy as they were the first to retreat from Terra, the Sons of Horus in particular were targeted.[5]

Much of the fighting was waged by the Emperor's Children, as the traitor Legion's excesses grew more uncontrollable, their supply of slaves (mostly acquired from Terra and other Imperial worlds as they fled into the Eye) became exhausted. As a result, the Emperor's Children began to assault other Chaos Space Marine Legions within the Eye of Terror, plundering their own slave stocks for use in their perverse excesses. A known action by the Emperor's Children in the Eye of Terror during these wars was the Battle of Skalathrax that saw the World Eaters shattered as a unified legion.[2b]

The Emperor's Children also destroyed the fortress of the Sons of Horus on Maeleum, leading to an attempt by Fabius Bile to clone Horus which saw Abaddon become Warmaster of the newly renamed Black Legion, reclaim Horus' corpse, and destroy the fortress of the Emperor's Children.[2a] Though long, terrible, and bloody, in the end the dwindling Emperor's Children Legion faced their inevitable defeat at the hands of their enemy Chaos Legions, shattering as an organized legion and breaking up into disparate warbands. It is said by the enemies of Slaanesh that during the conflict Fulgrim himself was killed, but the Emperor's Children themselves maintain he was given lordship by Slaanesh over a world of unending pleasure.[1]

However, the Legion Wars only truly came to an end when Abaddon and his new Black Legion managed to defeat their primary rival, Thagus Daravek of the Death Guard.[4]