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Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter

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Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter
Released February 2024[1]
Pages 128

Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter is an expansion book to The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis, released in 2024, covering the events of The Battle of Beta-Garmon.[1]


Take to the shattered, war-torn battlefields of the Garmon Cluster with this expansion book for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis. This 128-page hardback book explores the origins of the terrible clash that would later become known as the Great Slaughter of Beta-Garmon, and allows you to fight massive battles and bloody campaigns set within that apocalyptic conflict.[1]


  • a comprehensive history of the Second Battle for Nyrcon City and the origin of the wars that would engulf the Garmon Cluster, detailing the Loyalist and Traitor forces that took part in that terrible conflict.[1]
  • new Formations and Detachments for both the Legiones Astartes and Solar Auxilia army lists, providing new weapons of war for these powerful forces.[1]
  • a full campaign system for linking Legions Imperialis battles together, including rules for using maps to simulate large scale conflict on the worlds of the Imperium, and to fight the battle for Nyrcon City.[1]
  • rules are included for fighting Legions Imperialis battles that feature entire armies of Titans and Knights set against each other.[1]

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