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Leman Russ Executioner

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Leman Russ Executioner[4]

The Leman Russ Executioner is an extremely rare variant of the Leman Russ Battle Tank used by the Imperial Guard. It uses the same chassis as the standard Leman Russ but mounts a massive Plasma Destroyer rather than a Battle cannon.[1a]


The Executioner used to be widely used throughout the Imperium, especially during the Great Crusade, with entire Imperial Army armoured regiments consisting of Executioners. However since that time the knowledge required to construct the Executioner's primary weapon has been gradually forgotten. Currently there is only one Forge World capable of producing them, Ryza, which has an extensive knowledge of the workings of Plasma-based technology. While their own Skitarii forces are almost exclusively equipped with Executioners, elsewhere within the Imperium these tanks are rarely fielded due to their scarcity. Furthermore they are unpopular tanks among most Imperial Guard tank crews, whose criticism mainly centers on the plasma weapon's tendency to explode; many odd, old superstitions surround the blessing of the main gun prior to battle to ensure the crew comes back alive. While most tankers prefer the traditional Leman Russ' armament those who do crew an Executioner are said to have a foolhardy (or insane) bravery.[2a][4]

Technical Information

Leman Russ Executioner of the Phyressian 42nd Armoured Regiment[2b]

The Executioner's Plasma Destroyer is a powerful if temperamental weapon with an extremely high energy output. Due to the unstable nature of the weapon the Ryza-pattern Executioner incorporates several safety features. Emergency vents in the turret help disperse the heat produced by each shot while protective heat shielding screens the crew and allows enough time to escape the vehicle in the event of a minor containment field failure. Many also include an emergency chemical coolant tank in the rear of the vehicle which connects with the weapon through two coolant lines running across the top of the turret. However these exposed lines can be severed by enemy fire, a contributing factor to many green Executioner crews abandoning the tank at the first sign of trouble since a catastrophic failure can result in the destruction of the tank and anything else in a large area around it. Those who are found to have abandoned their tanks can expect to face harsh punishment, even death, for such a crime from their regiment's Commissar.[2a][4]

Secondary weapons come in the form of a hull-mounted Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer or Lascannon. Those with sponson mounts can also take two additional heavy bolters, heavy flamers, Multi-meltas or Plasma Cannons. A Searchlight and Smoke Launchers are standard on the Executioner and it can be upgraded with Camo Netting, a Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, a Hunter-Killer Missile and/or a pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber/Storm Bolter.[1b]

Vehicle Name: Leman Russ Executioner[2a] Main Armament: Plasma Destroyer
Forge World of Origin: Ryza Secondary Armament: Lascannon or Heavy Bolter
Known Patterns: III-VI Traverse: 360°
Crew: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader, 2 Sponson Gunners Elevation: From -8° to +22°
Powerplant: HL230 V12 Multi-Fuel Main Ammunition: 12 Shots from Photonic Fuel Cell
Weight: 63 tonnes Secondary Ammunition: Unlimited or 600 Rounds
Length: 7.08m
Width: 4.86m Armour
Height: 4.42m
Ground Clearance: 0.45m Superstructure: 180mm
Fording Depth: {{{Fording Depth}}} Hull: 150mm
Max Speed - on road 30kph Gun Mantlet 100mm
Max Speed - off road: 18kph Vehicle Designation: 0427-941-2010-LR0103
Transport Capacity: None Firing Ports: n/a
Access Points: n/a Turret: 200mm

Regiments known to contain Executioners



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