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Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost (Novel)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Novella; for the Blood Angel, see Lemartes.
Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost
Author David Annandale
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Legends
Preceded by Ragnar Blackmane (Novel)
Followed by Shrike (Novel)
Released March 2016
Pages 154

Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost is a novel in the Lords of the Space Marines series. It was written by David Annandale and released in March 2016.

Cover Description[1]

Lemartes is the Guardian of the Lost, a warrior of the Blood Angels who balances on the edge of madness, ever close to the grip of the Black Rage. When he is awakened to lead the Death Company into battle on the war-wracked world of Phlegethon, Lemartes must battle his incipient madness as his forces clash with equally insane foes: the blood-mad servants of Chaos.

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