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Lenas Scard

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Lenas Scard was a human astrologer.[1]

Known to be a progressive and modern thinker, in 003.M38 he was declared a heretic and marked for death as his discoveries were considered a threat to the Imperial Creed. The Vindicare Assassin Erasmus Menst was dispatched to take care of the matter; the sniper hung upside-down from a relay pipe for six days, awaiting his prey, only to realize that Scard was aware of his pursuit and holed up inside his observatory. Menst abandoned the plan and instead climbed to the highest spire of Hive Mendicantus and looked towards the observatory, knowing that the astrologer would eventually gaze the stars with his telescope. The plan worked, and Menst was able to send a bullet right through the telescope and into Scard's head.[1]