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Leonid Osma

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Leonid Osma was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus and a member of the Ordos Helican, which policed the entire Helican Subsector. He was believed to be a shoe-in for becoming Grandmaster of the Ordos Helican, a role which he had spent his whole life chasing, and which he finally attained when Grandmaster Orsini died. He is perhaps best known for his part in the Eisenhorn Conspiracy, a role which eventually led to his death.

Osma was a well-built broad-shouldered man, with a blunt and pugnacious face. He lost his lower jaws during a fight with a Khorne Berzerker and had since replaced it with bionics. His weapon is a power hammer, the symbol of his Ordo.


The Eisenhorn Conspiracy

In 339.M41, Osma arrested Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn of the Ordo Xenos on Cadia on charges of a carta extremis while the latter was on the trail of the Heretic Inquisitor Quixos. Osma declared him Extremis Diabolus and had him imprisoned within the Carnificina. Among the charges against him were daemonancy and committing the Thracian Primaris atrocity. After three months of Eisenhorn being interrogated by Osma's staff, words arrived at the Carnificina that Lord Inquisitor Rorken had persuaded Grandmaster Orsini to have him extradited to Thracian Primaris, where he would stand trial before a Magistery Tribunal of the Ordo Malleus and the Officio of Internal Prosecution. On the night before the Black Ships arrived to take Eisenhorn to Thracian, Eisenhorn's retinue broke him out of the Carnificina, and they fled aboard the Rogue Trader Maxilla's ship, the Essene, whose service Eisenhorn had previously hired. Eisenhorn later cleared his name by tracking down and killing Quixos with the help of five other Inquisitors.

When Osma next met Eisenhorn, he had risen to the rank of Grandmaster. This time, Godwyn Fischig, fearing that Eisenhorn had fallen to damnation, had sold him out to Osma in an attempt to redeem his friend. With Fischig's assistance, Osma and fellow Inquisitor Heldane, accompanied by Stormtroopers, boarded the Essene and apprehended Eisenhorn. Osma demanded that Eisenhorn hand over the daemonhost Cherubael and the forbidden text Malus Codicium, but was interrupted by the arrival of Cherubael, who had been summoned by Eisenhorn's savant Aemos into the body of one of Maxilla's astropaths. Cherubael easily dispatched the stormtroopers, and nearly killed Heldane. The enraged Osma attacked Eisenhorn with his power hammer, thinking that he had summoned the daemon. Before Osma could deliver the killing blow, Maxilla shot him in the back of the head with his digital ring weapon and killed him.

Osma's death was never confirmed by Eisenhorn, and the Inquisition declared him KIA some time later. Why Heldane, who survived, never revealed the nature of his master's death to his superiors is unknown. Lord Rorken succeeded Osma as Grandmaster of the Ordos Helican after his disappearance.