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Leonis Harum

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Leonis Harum[1]

Leonis Harum was a Veteran Sergeant from the 202nd Company of the Blood Angels Legion. [2]


Sergeant Leonis Harum was one of the few survivors of the sinking Heavy Cruiser Ifrit Nine. Landing on the battlefield of Signus Prime, Harum, along with the members of his company, saved the Flank from defeat at the cost of their lives. He and his battle-brothers were recognized as heroes and martyrs of this battle by the Legion.[2] The 202nd Company was known as one of the few units to resist the worst excesses of rage that affected the rest of the Legion, protecting themselves from their genetic flaw with the Liturgy of Blood and remaining faithful to their duty until death.[2]


Leonis Harum wears an MKIV power armourmany marks of honor on his Power Armor, including raised icons engraved on the chest and helmet depicting a citation for bravery from an Archein of the IX Legion.[2] His studded right shoulder pad is likely a battlefield replacement rather than classic heraldry, and its inclusion displaced the rank and company insignia on the knee pads of the Sergeant's armor.[2]