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Lethe Catena

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Lethe Catena was a Sister of the Order of Our Martyred Lady and second in command of Sister Miriya's Celestian squad. She had served together with Miriya, for the longest time among those in the squad and the two were close friends.[1a]


Lethe was part of Miriya's squad on its diplomatic/fact-finding mission to the planet Hollos.[2]

This page contains spoilers for: Faith and Fire (Novel)

Aboard the Imperial Navy Frigate the Mercutio, Miriya's squad was assigned with escorting the prisoner Torris Vaun; a psyker pirate, to the planet Neva for execution. While Lethe and Iona, another member of her squad, were guarding Torris's cell, they were attacked by compromised crewmen as they tried to free Torris. Overwhelmed, Iona was burned and wounded in the fight while Lethe was held down by the crew men and had her throat slit, by the newly freed Torris.[1a]

Once the sisters landed on Neva, they buried Lethe in the Convent of Katherine's memorial garden on the planet. In attended was her sister Hospitaller Verity Catena, who had been on one of Neva's moons healing the poor. After the funeral, Canoness Galatea allowed Verity, to join Miriya's squad as they searched for the escaped Torris Vaun, on Neva.[1b]