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Lethean Revelation

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The Lethean Revelation is a branch of the official state religion of the Imperium of Man, the Imperial Creed.[1a] It is presumably named after the planet Lethea or its sailor corps, the Lethean Penitents, and possibly created by Confessor Yosiv Gurdjief following his return from the tainted swamps of Dolorosa on Phaedra.[1b][Needs Citation] Believers hold that humanity is born damned and that either redemption can only be achieved through divine suffering in the God-Emperor’s name,[1b] or that redemption is impossible and only holy torment exists.[1d] Adherents practice self-flagellation and abject obedience, preach that "the Emperor condemns," and any suffering should be embraced and celebrated as a holy gift.[1a][1c] After coming into contact with a prophet of the Revelation, the Undying Martyr, the Angels Resplendent Space Marine Chapter underwent a brief civil war, becoming afterwards the Angels Penitent.

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