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Lheorvine Ukris

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Lheorvine Ukris

Lheorvine Ukris, usually known as Lheor and nicknamed Firefist, was a warband leader of the World Eaters and later a founding member of the Black Legion.


Originally a member of the World Eaters, Lheor had been a Centurion of the 50th Heavy Support Company and had saved the life of Thousand Sons Librarian Iskandar Khayon.[1c] During the Siege of Terra, Lheor would earn the nickname of "Firefist" when his plasma cannon exploded, taking both his arms to the elbows with it. The nickname was a point of often violent contention with Lheor, as the loss of his arms and inability to fight alongside his men during such an important battle made the incident his darkest hour.[1e]

After the end of the Heresy and the Battle of Skalathrax, Lheor commanded a warband of about fifty World Eaters known as the Fifteen Fangs which eventually allied itself with Falkus Kibre. However, most of his warband would be lost to ambush from the Emperor's Children, although he managed to help take Telemachon Lyras as a prisoner.[1b] Lheor and Kibre, along with Iskandar Khayon, then sought out the Vengeful Spirit and Ezekyle Abaddon to turn the tide against the Emperor's Children.[1a]

After discovering the location of the Vengeful Spirit and allying with Abaddon's newly formed Black Legion, Lheor and the World Eaters Sergeant Ugrivian led their forces in the Battle of Harmony against the Emperor's Children. Upon being confronted with a clone of Horus on Fabius Bile's flagship Fleshmarket, Lheor and his forces tried to put up a fight but were quickly massacred.[1c] Lheor survived, and was later seen fighting in the 7th Black Crusade on Mackan.[1f] Khayon states that Lheor died during the fighting on Mackan.[2]

It is known that prior to finding the Vengeful Spirit Lheor and his warband destroyed a Word Bearers warband known as the Chapter of the Onyx Maw.[1d]