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A Lho-stick is a popular Imperial narcotic, much like a M2-era cigarette, made of a rolled paper tube containing a scented plant-derived substance. The tube is lit and the resultant smoke inhaled through it, causing a mildly narcotic sensation. Lho-sticks are addictive and are common amongst the Imperial Guard and menial workers.[1]

It comes in narc-tubes, and is smoked through numerous forms of filters. Depending on location in the Galaxy, Lho is either a tolerated recreational item, or a shunned and forbidden narcotic. It is favored by the Imperial Guard and PDF as a cheap way to relax before, during, and after combat.[Needs Citation]

Notable users included Midas Betancore[2] and Wystan Frauka[3]


One of the versions of lho-stick is a lho-stub resembling the cigar. For example Ursarkar E. Creed smokes lho-stubs.[4]

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