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Lhorke, known as The First was a Dreadnought of the World Eaters during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

The former Legion Master before the discovery of Angron when they were still known as the War Hounds, Lhorke was gravely injured on the world of Jeracau but interred within a Dreadnought suit. He was perhaps the first Dreadnought of the World Eaters legion, and led a unit of other early prototype Dreadnoughts. During the Ghenna Massacre Lhorke was reawoken by Mago who feared that Angron would soon install the Butcher's Nails throughout the Legion. Lhorke took part in Mago's failed rebellion, but upon the Centurion's death by Kharn bent the knee to Angron.[2] Spared the Butcher's Nails implants due to his Dreadnought status, Lhorke watched as his War Hounds descended into a force of brutal murderers and madmen. However what horrified Lhorke most of all was the slaughter of his fellow World Eaters during the Battle of Isstvan III. Nonetheless he remained loyal to his Legion and his Primarch.[1]

Later during the Shadow Crusade, Lhorke battled alongside Librarian Vorias. As Angron was being transformed into a Daemon Prince by Lorgar's sorcery, Lhorke could not take his Legion's corruption any longer and attacked the Word Bearers Primarch. However the still-transforming Angron intervened and ripped Lhorke's Dreadnought suit apart.[1]