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Lhykosidae, known as the Wraith Spider[1a], is the name of a mythical Eldar warrior who legend says is a form of Exarch or even Asurya of the Warp Spider Aspect Warrior.[1c]

This legendary warrior exists within the legends of the Kaelorians who claim that he is a rogue Exarch who appears once every few millennia to bring justice and peace to their Craftworld. It is said that he will arise from the ranks of the Warp Spiders though his power would transcend that of an Exarch.[1b] A copy of the Arc of Destiny located in the House Library of Ansgar even claims that the Craftwar was won by Kaelor due to the timely arrival of the Wraith Spider.[1a]

There were various theories that surrounded Lhykosidae with some holding the view that he was a Phoenix Lord though Kaelorian lore is ignorant of the originator of the Warp Spider Aspect. However, some hold the view that the Wraith Spider has taken the essential soul of the Warp Spiders with him, being a kind of spiritual awakening rather than finding or donning the armour of a fallen Phoenix Lord as is the case with the main Aspect Temples. Among the beliefs of the Warp Spiders of Kaelor, it is believed that the Wraith Spider is a monumental force of purification that stems from the view that the Warp Spiders draw their name as well as power from the tiny crystalline creatures that roam the Webway and Craftworld's Infinity Circuit where they purge them of non-Eldar psychic energy. Thus, Lhykosidae is said to return to Kaelor at the moment of greatest pollution and atrophy. Vhaalum the Silver, who is a mighty Kaelorian wraithsmith, holds his own interesting interpretation of this myth as he believed the Wraith Spider to be a personification of wraithbone except he is sha'iel directly manifested into an organic form.[1b]


Entries on Lhykosidae are located in the glossary section at the back of the novel which goes into further detail over the Wraith Spider which speculates on his origins.