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Lias Issodon

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Lias Issodon "The Grim" is Chapter Master of the Raptors.[1]

First rising to prominence within the Imperium during the Fourth Quadrant rebellion, Chapter Master Lias Issodon has sought victory for the Raptors over personal accolades and has delivered this success time and time again. Lias Issodon is in many ways the physical embodiment of the Raptors, being a great strategist, marksman and excelling to unnatural levels in the arts of ambush, infiltration and sabotage. On many occasions when victory seemed sure to be in the hands of the enemy Lias' cunning would turn the tide and the enemy would realize all too late that they had played into the tricks and traps set for them; their only recourse being to die.[1]

A private man, Lias earned the nickname "The Grim" as a result of his stone like appearance and aversion to unnecessary communication. Even within the Chapter itself Lias rarely speaks, but this taciturn disposition does little to affect the loyalty felt toward him. For the Raptors know that Lias Issodon is a man of well conceived and highly effective thought, thought that when brought to bear in battle will leave the adversary in ruin and the Raptors suffering little.[1]


In battle Lias Issodon is as his brother Marines clad in power armour, he wields a power weapon and his Omen pattern bolt gun Malice. Malice has been with Lias since his time in the Raptors' scout company and shares most characteristics of the standard bolter but is capable of a higher rate of fire and has an extended range. Additionally Lias carries specialized ammunition; same as that of the Sternguard.[1]

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