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Librarian Dreadnought

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Librarian Dreadnought

The Librarian Dreadnought is a variant of the Furioso Dreadnought design utilized by the Blood Angels.


Piloted by crippled and wounded Librarians from the Chapter, Librarian Dreadnoughts are perhaps the most lethal of their kind. They combine the psychic might of a Librarian with the unyielding body and heavy firepower of a Dreadnought.[1]

The Deathwatch has become one of the rare non-Blood Angels Successor Chapter to utilize the Librarian Dreadnought. A few Deathwatch Librarians wounded in battle have been known to not be returned to their home chapter, instead choosing a Librarian Dreadnought configuration.[3]


The Librarian Dreadnought is equipped with two Fists, one armed with a built-in Storm Bolter and the other equipped with a Dreadnought Force Weapon.[1]


Librarian Dreadnought[2]

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