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The Lifta-Droppa is a powerful Ork energy weapon.


Also known as a Hand of Gork, Lifta-Droppa is a large magno-tracktor beam powered by an 'atom-smasha' reactor, able to move huge objects from a distance. They are useful as tools for moving heavy parts about, demolishing buildings and clearing scrap. In battle Orks can hurl enemy tanks around as toys with it.[1c][1e][6] The massive ‘Traktor’ beam[4] can lift enemy vehicles, drag them through the air and drop them, usually atop the enemy troops or even other vehicles. It causes havoc and destruction among enemy ranks, pleasing to any Ork. This massive veapon can be mounted on Stompas. It can also be found on Battlewagons, but given that is a large and temperamental weapon needing a dangerous power supply, only Orks can be reckless enough to mount it on such a small vehicle.[1c][1e][6]

Atom-Smasha Overload

Many Meks jury-rig their Lifta-Droppas by dangerously overloading their power supply. It can be used in this fashion to fire an energy blast of titanic proportions, but there's a high risk of its destruction.[1d]


Supa-Lifta-Droppa is bigger and much more potent variant of Lifta-Droppa mounted exclusevly on Ork Mega-Gargants.[7b]

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