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Light of Battle

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The Light of Battle was a Patrol Cruiser in the Iron Hands Legion and was commanded by the Iron Father Kardozia during the Horus Heresy. The Iron Father was not with his Legion, when they were decimated during the Dropsite Massacre, but when he learned of their fate, Kardozia took the Light of Battle, as well as the three squads he had under his command, and began striking at Horus' forces. For the majority of the civil war, the Light of Battle was used to target the supply convoys of the Traitors' forces, as well as any warships the Cruiser would be able to destroy; but this changed once Kardozia learned of the battle in the Beta-Garmon System. Horus' forces were massing in the System, which led directly into the Segmentum Solar and Terra itself, and the Imperium's loyal forces were moving to stop the Traitors. Beta-Garmon was becoming one of the largest battles in the Heresy's history and Kardozia decided he needed to aid the Imperium's forces there and do what he could, to stop Horus' forces from reaching Terra. After a meeting with the Raven Guard Legion's Primarch Corax, in which Kardozia failed to convince him to take part in the battle for Beta-Garmon, the Iron Father took the Light of Battle directly into the embattled System.[1]