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Light of Inwit

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Light of Inwit was an Imperial Fists Strike Cruiser that was commanded by Marshal Lycus, when it served as part of the Retribution Fleet sent, by the Legion's Primarch Rogal Dorn, to confront Warmaster Horus when the Heresy began. However, due to severe Warp Storms, the Fleet was left stranded in the Phall System and they were later attacked by the Iron Warriors Legion, in what became known as the Battle of Phall. When the Fleet's Captain, Alexis Polux, later gave the order to retreat back to Terra, the Light of Inwit was one of the lucky ships to escape from the battle.[1]

In Phall's aftermath Lycus used the Light of Inwit to travel to Imperium worlds, where he ordered them to both fortify their defenses and to mobilize their armed forces, so that they could be dispatched to aid in the war effort against Horus. Once such world was Tallarn, but as Lycus met with the world's Governor-Militant Dellasarius, the Iron Warriors suddenly appeared and attacked Tallarn[1]. In the ensuing space battle, the Shipmaster of the Light of Inwit tried to contact Lycus, as the Iron Warriors began destroying the Loyalist ships in Tallarn's orbit, but was unable to reach the Marshal. Knowing that the Imperium needed to be warned of the Iron Warriors' invasion, the Shipmaster gave the order to escape into the Warp, but before the Light of Inwit reached the System's Mandeville Point, the Strike Cruiser was destroyed by the Iron Warriors' fleet.[2]

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