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Lightning Strike

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Lightning Strike ground attack fighter[2]

The Lightning 'Strike' is a variant to the Lightning air superiority fighter which has been modified to fulfill a ground-attack role.[1a]


The main difference between the Strike variant and the original is its weapons loadout. While it retains the twin-linked Lascannons mounted on the wing tips, the Strike removes the long-barreled ventral-mounted autocannon for two additional hardpoints, which carry either two Hellstrike Missiles or two Bombs. It also retains the four wing hardpoints, allowing it to carry four additional Hellstrikes or bombs, four Hellfury Missiles or six Skystrike Missiles. Like the Lightning it can also mount additional equipment.[2]

Lightning Strikes are used purely for dedicated ground attacks, primarily targeting enemy armor formations. During major operations in conjunction with the Imperial Guard, a 'taxi rank' of Lightnings will circle the battlefield awaiting requests from Guard commanders for assistance. Once received, the Lightning Strike will then swoop down on the enemy target and destroy it before climbing back into the rank to await the next request.[1a]

Technical Specifications
Type Ground Attack Fighter[1b] Operational Ceiling 36,000m, with jet engines
Vehicle Name Lightning Strike Max Speed 2400kph
Forge World of Origin Cypra-Mundi Range 8000km
Known Patterns III-XI Main Armament 2x wing-mounted Lascannons
Crew Pilot Secondary Armament 6x Hellstrike Missiles
Powerplant 2x F100-XB Afterburning Turbofans Main Ammunition 30 shots from battery packs
Weight 9.8 tonnes empty Secondary Ammunition N/A
Length 10.8m Armour
Wingspan 13.75m Superstructure 45mm
Height 3.4m with landing gear down Hull 30mm

Navy wings known to contain Lightning Strikes

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