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Lightning Claw

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Angel's Talon Pattern Lightning Claw.[1]

A Lightning Claw is a specialized type of Power Weapon.


It consists of a power gauntlet and four blades that crackle with matter-disruptive energy. These blades are the equivalent of small power weapons which carve through armour and flesh with ease. They are most commonly used by Space Marine Terminator Assault Squads; the entire squad can be armed with them, but can also be used by anyone with access to the armoury. Lightning Claws are generally worn as a pair, and are also used by Daemonhunters and Chaos Space Marines.[Needs Citation]

The Space Wolves operate their own unique pattern of Lightning Claws built on Fenris. Known as Wolf Claws, the blades of each wolf claw are enchanted by powerful runes to further augment their destructive potential.[2]

Known Patterns

Famous Lightning Claws


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