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Lijah Cuu

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This page contains spoilers for: Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series)
Trooper Cuu[5]

Lijah Cuu[1b] was a trooper of the Tanith First and Only, the famous "Gaunt's Ghosts", serving in the regiment's eleventh platoon.[1a]


Lijah Cuu was a Vervunhiver ganger who joined the Tanith First after the Siege of Vervunhive.[1b] A heavily tattooed psychopath with a scar down the centre of his face[1b], Cuu was a talented tattoo artist[1a][1b] with superb stealth and marksmanship skills (to the point that he was one of the first Verghastite members of the regiment to be considered for elevation to the regiment's scout corps[2a]), but his vicious sadism and anti-social behaviour made him unpopular with most of the Ghosts, especially Larkin, whom he particularly disturbed.[1c][1d]

During the battle for Cirenholm on Phantine he looted shops despite the coins being defaced with Chaos sigils[2b], and in the aftermath he raped and murdered a young civilian mother and widow, Onti Flyte.[2c] Dermon Caffran was implicated in the crime and almost executed for it[2c], but he was let off when Trooper Bragg reported Cuu's looting after learning that a defaced coin had been found at the crime scene.[2d] Though Cuu escaped conviction for the rape and murder due to insufficient evidence, he was flogged for looting and held a murderous grudge thereafter, hacking Bragg to shreds in a psychotic rage during the final phase of the assault on Ouranberg.[2e]

He then turned his malevolent attentions on Larkin, whom he knew suspected the truth, attempting to murder him twice on Aexe Cardinal and killing Sehra Muril after Larkin confided his suspicions to her. He attempted to murder Tona Criid on Herodor for no other reason than she was incapacitated and alone, but was prevented by Gol Kolea.[3] Later during the siege of Civitas Beati Cuu became possessed by enemy psykers, who exploited his evil nature to turn him into a Chaos pawn.[4a] Whilst under their influence he tried to assassinate Saint Sabbat[4b], mowing down Colonel Corbec during the failed attempt before being fatally headshot by Larkin.[4c]