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Lilean Chase

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Lilean Chase was a Psyker and senior member of the Cognitae.[1]

Originally part of the Inquisition, she later turned against the organization and joined the Cognitae, founding an academy on Hesperus in 321.M41. Undertaking eugenics and cloning experiments to create the perfect operatives, she created agents such as Zygmunt Molotch. However her academy was eventually wiped out by the Inquisition, apparently killing Chase.[1] Alizebeth Bequin however later speculates that one of her Cogintae tutors, Mam Mordaunt, may in fact be Lilean Chase.[2]

A book by Lilean Chase was later translated by Gideon Ravenor and Gregor Eisenhorn's group, revealing the name of the King in Yellow to apparently be Constantin Valdor.[2a]