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Lileath the Maiden is the name of a powerful Eldar Goddess of dreams and fortune.[2] She is said to be the daughter of Isha, the Goddess of the Harvest.[3c]

In the Dance of Asuryan, it is said that one night she had a dream of Kaela Mensha Khaine, that the War God would be torn to pieces at the hands of the Eldar who were mortal descendants of Kurnous and Isha. She would eventually tell Khaine of her vision of the future that saw the War God pursue and slay the Eldar until Asuryan intervened where he banished them to the Mortal Lands.[1] Despite this, Kaela Mensha Khaine is known to had feared the Lileathan prophecy and that it would be fulfilled.[3c]

The Eldar homeworld used to hold three moons, one of which was white and called Lileath the Maiden Moon. [4] During the age of the ancient Eldar empire, many uninhabitable worlds were transformed into paradise planets. Those that survived the Fall of the Eldar became known as Lileathan worlds or Maiden Worlds as they are named after the Goddess Lileath.[3b]