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Lion's Gate Spaceport

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The Lion's Gate Spaceport[1]

The Lion's Gate Spaceport is a major transportation hub of the Imperial Palace on Terra.[2]


Attached to the Lion's Gate, which connects the Inner and Outer Palace complexes[2], the Lion's Gate Spaceport is the greatest transportation facility on the Throneworld. A massive structure, the Lion's Gate Spaceport goes into the upper atmosphere of Terra.[3b][1]

During the Siege of Terra the Lion's Gate and its adjacent Spaceport were the most heavily defended locations of the Imperial Palace.[3a] Despite this, during the siege, it fell to a World Eater and Khornate Titan assault led by Angron. However, later the Spaceport was reclaimed by the White Scars and 1st Terran Tank Division of the Imperial Army in a daring raid led by Jaghatai Khan.[4] Today, the facility is still in use.[2]