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Lion Sword

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Lion El'Jonson with the Lion Sword during the Horus Heresy

The Lion Sword was the blade wielded by the Primarch of the Dark Angels, Lion El'Jonson, during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. It has been lost since the Destruction of Caliban.[1][5]


The Lion Sword was a power sword said to have been crafted on Terra by the Emperor's own armourers. It shone with a pale inner light,[2] igniting anything it cut with a sudden burst of flame. The Lion briefly lost the sword in his duel with Leman Russ on Dulan,[4a] and it was said he never let a weapon slip from his fingers since.[4b]

During the Lion's time in Imperium Secundus, he wielded the Lion Sword in his duel with Konrad Curze, the blade easily cutting through the other primarch's Nightmare Mantle.[3a] It was broken in half by an enraged Roboute Guilliman when he discovered that the Lion had violated his oaths to Sanguinius not to use orbital bombardment on Macragge against rebels.[3b] Deathbringer Holguin kept the pieces, hoping to have the blade reforged.[3c]

The sword was reforged by the end of the Heresy, when the Lion met Russ in the Imperial Palace after the Battle of Terra. The Lion challenged Russ to finish their duel, to the death, and stabbed his brother through the chest when he made no move to defend himself.[4b] The Lion turned the blade aside at the last moment, ensuring the wound was not fatal.[4c]

The Lion Sword disappeared along with the primarch after his confrontation with Luther during the Destruction of Caliban.[5]

Present Status

Lord Cypher carrying what is rumoured to be the Lion Sword

Some of the Unforgiven have speculated that the mysterious sword carried by Lord Cypher is the Lion Sword, which he intends to either present before the Emperor seeking forgiveness for the Fallen, or use to slay Him.[5] When Master of Repentance Asmodai touched the crimson and gold pommel, he experienced a vision where he felt a blade pierce his gut, dropping his own sword as he tumbled with a snarling foe.[6]

One of the Fallen claimed to have seen the Lion Sword within a temple on the Exodite Worlds of Lughnasa and guarded by the native Eldar. Interrogator-Chaplain Uzziel led a recovery mission for the relic where they eliminated the Eldar presence only to discover that the relic was not the fabled Lion Sword but rather the Sword of Luther that was used to kill Lion El'Jonson.[1]