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Lion of Pardua

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The Lion of Pardua was a Leman Russ Conqueror in service with the Eighth Pardus Armoured regiment.[1a]


During the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, the Lion was commanded by Captain Farant.[Note 1] The tank was assigned as part of the honour guard tasked with retrieving the remains of Saint Sabbat when Lord General Lugo ordered the evacuation of the planet Hagia. It operated as part of an advance recon detail designated Recon Spear alongside its sister tank, the Wrath of Pardua.[1a]

The Lion of Pardua was destroyed during the Hagia campaign.[1a][1c][Conflicting sources]


In addition to its standard gear, the Lion was fitted with sponson-mounted heavy flamers and a dozer blade.[1a]



  • Note 1: Although the character's name is given as Farant by Sergeant Mkoll of the Tanith First, Mkoll notes that he didn't quite catch the name and that it could have been Faranter instead.[1a]

Conflicting sources

  • In Chapter Nine of Honour Guard, the armoured element of the Recon Spear is specified to consist of two Conquerors, which are identified as the Wrath of Pardua and its sister tank Lion of Pardua. At the end of the Chapter, the second of the two Conquerors was totally destroyed by the Infardi protecting Bhavnager.[1a] Despite this, when the Imperials launch a proper attack on the town in the next chapter, the Lion is operating alongside its sister tank again as part of a flanking manoeuvre with no mention given to any damage.[1b] It is later explicitly destroyed during the battle to defend the Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat.[1c]